The CSG research team was created in order to achieve a critical mass necessary to meet research demands, given that interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity are increasingly required to understand complex problems and new societal challenges.

Hence, the CSG team embodies the openly interdisciplinary nature of this new research structure, including researchers from diferent scientific areas, mainly economic and organizational sociology, economics, management, finance, development studies, economic and social history – but also including researchers from other areas of the social sciences – such as demography, economic anthropology, social and organizational psychology or law and economics, for example.

Besides, its composition also reflectes the importance given to the education, training and partnership building with the community and other stakeholders, by teaching, innovating and integrating multiple perspectives, not only enabling their involvement in research activities but also contributing to the creation of independent research careers and other types of professional insertion of doctoral students and other young researchers.


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