Thematic Lines

The objectives of the TL are to increase the opportunities for cooperation between CSG researchers, namely the ones belonging to different RG, developing transversal research interests among them; to give the possibility of launching innovative and experimental approaches; satisfy the needs of researchers with various scientific interests; and creating an environment for closer relationship with public policies, business firms, other organizations and individual actors.

CSG is composed of four Thematic Lines:

Enables experimental research in several research groups, in specific areas such as marketing, finance, business strategy and consumer psychology;

Clusters activities which unite Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly Brazil, PALOP (African Portuguese-speaking countries) and East Timor;

Unites activities developed by all research groups that are centred on management practices, aiming to combine the objectives of enhancing competitiveness and improving balanced economic, social and environmental practices.

Around problems of cooperation, governance and sustainability in a world in transition, anchored in multiple theories and methods that follow a relational approach, particularly social network analysis (both exploratory multilevel and dynamic network analysis), and also game theory and agent-based modelling.

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