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Communication Strategy and Outreach

The Science Communication strategy and outreach of the CSG – Research in Social Sciences and Management of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management at Universidade de Lisboa, is oriented towards multidisciplinary scientific information in Management, Finance, Economic History, Economic and Organizational  Sociology, and Development Studies, to its target audience: researchers, professors, students and general public interested in these subjects.

It prioritizes the dissemination of researchers’ initiatives, from conferences, debates, workshops, publications, and gives them access to a clip of news on research and science: technology for research, research resources and open-source scientific publications.

It concentrates its activity on the dissemination of information selected from specialty platforms, following the editorial criteria of the core scientific areas of the CSG academic community. It has the fundamental focuses on curation of relevant news in these areas; the visibility of the activity of researchers; greater involvement of society in general in the field of science; and, in the internationalization of the scientific activity.

The CSG communication refers to ‘gender sensitive’ principles and a strict privacy policy, which can be found here.

The contacts and images are strictly considered for the purpose of dissemination of science and with the express authorization of the subscriber/researcher.


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