Knowledge, Technology and Strategy

This research group focuses on five main research areas: information systems for management; marketing and strategy; innovation and technology; knowledge management; and science-governance issues. In all these areas, the main keywords are knowledge, technology and innovation, which are considered at several levels: meso, macro and micro. Researchers in this group have diverse backgrounds (e.g., Management, Economics and Sociology) and scientific skills, contributing to a better understanding of the complex problems faced by individuals, organisations and countries.

The main aim is to develop innovative and internationally-recognised high quality research. The group intends to disseminate its findings to society, strengthening the relations with industry, the State, communities and individuals.

The group aims to understand how technology can foster knowledge transfer and develop innovation strategies, and also what lies behind the conception of technology and techno-scientific knowledge. One of the main research streams focuses on studying the effect of new technologies on information systems (e.g., information security management, mobile business, CRM) and also knowledge management (e.g., information sharing, knowledge transfer). A second research stream centres on marketing, strategy, and corporate governance, and also on the role of new technologies (e.g., consumer behaviour, business networks, international strategy, corporate governance, digital marketing, digital transformation). A third research stream concentrates on studying the contexts of knowledge production, paying attention to controversies, conflicts and power asymmetries, as well as the side effects of technologies.

Besides these topics, priorities for future research include major challenges for contemporary societies, including data science and business analytics, the internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and techno-scientific knowledge.



Prof. Helena Gonçalves

Prof. Graça Silva

Prof. Carlos Bastien

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