Value and Finance

The main objective of the group is to develop top quality research in five main areas: 1) credit and capital markets; 2) taxation and fiscal policies; 3) corporate finance and governance; 4) accounting and valuation; 5) monetary systems and practices. All five areas integrate researchers from different scientific backgrounds, namely: sociology, finance and accounting, economics, history and anthropology. This distribution promotes debate across disciplines and incentives the plurality of theoretical and methodological approaches based around similar subjects.

The group has developed an ambitious research agenda and has achieved remarkable visibility at the international level. Members of the group have successfully submitted research results, in the form of papers published in top international journals of sociology, accounting and economic history. The group has also collaborated with other universities and research centres, and has organised international conferences. It demonstrated interest in topics such as sustainable finance, and reaffirmed its close involvement in the dissemination of knowledge within the Lusophone space.

The group will continue to pursue research agendas that benefit from collaborating with methods and in debates common to Sociology, Economics, Management and History. This enables it to broaden the traditional models of human behaviour in order to incorporate different motivations in financial decisions. The group intends to explore the synergies between historical data, network analysis and formalised analysis for tax and financial issues. Research on credit and capital markets it is expected to obtain entirely new data on the development of financial markets in Portugal, including the first attempt to assess public debt stock in the longer run in a comparative perspective with other European cases. The study of the impact of public policies and tax reforms on new ventures and small and medium sized enterprises will continue.


Prof. Ana Morais

Prof. Leonor Freire Costa

Prof. Daniel Seabra Lopes

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