Work and Employment

This research group coordinates contributions from areas such as Sociology of Work and Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Labour and Education Economics. Benefiting from its multidisciplinary approach, the group is committed to discussing and developing collaborative research to examine the multiple effects and interconnections of topical issues in current scientific and policy debates, including: labour conditions; employment patterns; unemployment; gender and diversity; skills and human capital; education and training; leadership; burn-out; harassment; active ageing, among others.

As demonstrated by its past and present research, the group aims to reinforce its interdisciplinary capabilities and to develop breakthrough research that offers a valuable contribution to society, emphasising collaboration with firms, social partners, NGOs and governmental agencies, in order to enhance knowledge-sharing and to contribute to policy-making.

In line with the group’s strategic objective to increase participation in international scientific networks, it has intensified its participation in international research projects and collaborative networking with universities and research centres, which has resulted in an increase in the group’s production of publications in top peer-reviewed international journals.

Besides other activities, the group plans to maintain a strategic interest in three main areas of study. First, gender and diversity – providing guidelines for better organisational practices to improve internal organisational parity and fairness, as well as work-life balance. Second, human resources management – developing better tools for managers in the pursuit of improved organisational competitiveness and sustained advantage. Third, education and training – offering solutions for increasing skills through both academic and organisational training programmes.



Prof. Carla Curado 

Prof. Pilar Mosquera


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