Globalization and Development

This group brings together researchers from the disciplines of Sociology, Economics, Management, Political Science, Anthropology and History, to benefit from synergies and to promote a substantial qualitative increase in its output. Due to its past record and links, it aims to be a leading group in this area, not only in the Portuguese and Lusophone environment, but also in the broader international context.

The core activities consist of scientific research in three main topics: economic globalization (particularly change in emerging and fragile economies), international development cooperation, and migration and diasporas. Other topics have been targeted, including colonial and post-colonial relations, urban dynamics, gender studies and identities.

Regarding geographical focus, the main emphasis has been placed on the Lusophone area, including Brazil, the former African colonies and East Timor. Other settings have been the object of enquiry, such as the emerging poles in East Asia and the Middle East. Research has been carried out in cooperation with colleagues from the UK, France, USA and Lusophone countries.

In terms of output, the group focused on: the coordination and participation in research projects; publication in international peer-reviewed journals and other settings; the organisation and participation in events; articulation with teaching at PhD and Masters levels. One of the initiatives was the launching of the Development Studies Lab, which is especially aimed at developing joint projects with the public sector, business and society as a whole, involving PhD and Masters students.

Building on its experience, GDG will also strive to consolidate and increase its provision of external services. This includes assisting the development of NGOs in terms of locating sources of funding, as well as the delivery of customised courses and training sessions to private firms undergoing international expansion.



Prof. António Mendonça


Prof. Carlos Sangreman

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