Development Studies Seminars

29th Edition

We are programing the next edition of the Development Studies Seminars, which is part of the ISEG/Ulisboa Master’s Program in Development and International Cooperation (MDCI) and Doctorate in Development Studies (PDED) Programs.

Nearly celebrating its thirtieth anniversary (29th edition), this program foresees an international set of guests who will come to talk about the new trends in international cooperation and development in the world. They are lecturers from the academic world, but also from the context of civil society.

The seminar plan also includes a Spring Module and a Summer School, which is organized by ISEG’s Department of Economics, which joins this initiative together with several research centers at the University of Lisbon: ICS, IGOT and ISA.

These seminars are usually free upon prior registration.



Amphitheater (Floor 4, Quelhas)

Thursdays (February to May 2020) | 6pm – 8pm

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