Chamada de trabalhos para o Número Especial “Human Resource Management Contribution to Sustainability”

Os/as editores/as Carla Curado (CSG/ISEG), Lucia Muñoz-Pascual (IME), Mírian Oliveira (PUCR & ISEG), Paulo Lopes Henriques (CSG/ISEG) e Helena Mateus Jerónimo (CSG/ISEG) convidam à submissão de propostas ao Número Especial “Human Resource Management Contribution to Sustainability”, à RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas, com prazo até 30 de abril de 2021.

A Revista de Administração de Empresas é publicada pela Escola Paulista de Administração de Empresas da FGV, lançada em 1961 e publica, desde então, artigos académicos pelo sistema double blind review.


Getting firms ready for a sustainable trajectory is a challenge deriving from the United Nations Strategic Development Goal number 9: “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. Therefore, the pressure on organizations to rearrange and respond to such call is tremendous. In this special issue we invite researchers to identify the contribution of Human Resource Management to Sustainability. We believe that the research reported in this special issue will support the implementation of the 2030 UN’s Agenda for sustainable development.
Human Resource Management can promote a “sustainability mindset” (Ehnert & Harry, 2014) and contribute to address the sustainability challenges. Nevertheless, it persists a lack of the required human resources to build the changes for sustainability in organizations (Singh et al., 2018). To achieve sustainability, organizations must comply with the so-called “triple bottom line” (Elkington, 1994; Muñoz-Pascual et al., 2019), fulfilling the economic, social, and environmental needs of their direct and indirect stakeholders over a long-time horizon. Human Resource Management can thus play a pivotal role as its practices and policies are important tools for establishing a workforce which understands, values and engage in sustainable initiatives (Ehnert & Harry, 2014). The link between Human Resource Management and sustainability invites us to reflect upon how Human Resource Management functions, and subsequently the organization itself, is evolving and being repositioned toward sustainability goals.

Os editores/as convidado/as

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