Research Initiation Scholarship (DEBT.PT Project)

A competition is open for the award of one (1) Research Initiation Scholarship for students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, integrated master’s degree or master’s degree, to carry out R&D activities under the DEBT.PT project – “Sovereign Debt and Private Credit in Portugal (1669-1797)”, with the reference PTDC/HAR-HIS/28809/2017, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology through national funds (PIDDAC) and institutionally allocated to GHES-CSG/ISEG.

This project aims to study public credit in the Ancien Regime, considering the first issuance of perpetual securities and the secondary market of these securities.

Applications must be submitted by email to, between May 9th and May 20th 2022 (17h, Lisbon local time).


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