5-8 JUL 2017 | ASEPELT 2017: XXXI International Congress of Applied Economics

ISEG, 5-8th July 2017



The XXXI International Congress of Applied Economics: ASEPELT 2017, will take place in Lisbon from 5 to 8 July 2017.

The organization is the responsibility of ISEG / ULisboa (Lisboa School of Economics & Management – University of Lisbon) that has been working to offer you a stimulating scientific and social program for this Congress. We hope that this will meet your expectations and will be an enhanced reason for your presence and active participation in the scientific debate that is being proposed.

The theme of the Congress – “Real Economy and Finance” – has, as main focus, the debate on the Crisis and Globalization, and its effects on the world economy, European, and especially in the Iberian countries. The impacts that these phenomena have brought to the so-called “real economy” and the process of “financialization” of the economy (and related risks) that has been associated with it; the possible responses to the crisis and the promotion of a new development model, will be at the center of our debates. Particular attention will be given to the issues of applied economics and of the methodologies and techniques of analysis of economic and business information.

The debate around these issues, beyond it currency, has, certainly, a high academic and scientific interest, and a theoretical and practical relevance.

The discussion of these issues and the new socio-political contexts emerging from the recent US elections, especially those that refer to the new populism and the new tendency towards protectionism, will be among the issues to be addressed. We also call for the presentation of differentiated views that go beyond the usual discussions that are suggested.

We hope that the proposed thematic areas will cover the participants’ expectations and the interest of the researchers – from areas closer to economic theory to areas closer to empirical approaches and with immense diversity of scientific areas to allow the multidisciplinary approach that is required in the analysis of the suggested issues. We also maintain the area of “young researchers” to stimulate the presentation of master’s projects or projects.



– Abstract submission: 20 April 2017

– Abstract acceptance notification: 12 April 2017

– Presenting author registration deadline: 15 June 2017


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