Workshop “Global Value Chains, Private Sector and Development”

The Workshop will explore different perspectives on global value chains and the evolving relationship between business and sustainable global development, namely: aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR), innovation, global value chains, foreign direct investment, social entrepreneurship, microfinance, as well as BoP (bottom-of-the-pyramid) markets and the role of business as a poverty reduction stakeholder.

The workshop is a part of the Spring 2020 Workshops, convened by the Business and Development Study Group of the Development Studies Association (DSA) UK, and the Margaret Anstee Center for Global Studies, at Cambridge University; and, occurs in the scope of the Business4SDGs Project hosted by CEsA – Center for African and Development Studies (ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa).

The workshops will provide a participatory forum about the future research outcomes on these topics. All participants are welcome to join the workshop discussion based on their research interests in this field with a view to supporting future networking, collaboration and support.

This workshop will be led by Roberta Rabbellotti, Hugo Confraria and Farwa Sial, with moderation by Luís Bernardo.

This workshop is also the endpoint of the project that is co-funded by Camões, Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua and Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian.

Free entrance!


Roberta Rabellotti is full professor at the University of Pavia and assigned professor to the Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics group at Aalborg University.  She has also consulted with UNIDO and UNCTAD, among other UN agencies. Her current research interests include the intersection between foreign direct investment, innovation systems and global value chains as challenges and opportunities for developing countries.

Hugo Confraria is a researcher at UECE – Research Unit on Complexity and Economics at  ISEG – Universidade de Lisboa and  SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit of the University of Sussex. His research interests include the economics of innovation and science and technology policy.

Farwa Sial is a research fellow at the Global Development Institute of the University of Manchester and she co-convenes the Business and Development Study Group of the DSA UK. Her current interests include the operation of corporate social responsibility, innovation and global value chains in international development.

Luís Bernardo is researcher with CEsA – Center for African and Development Studies on the Business4SDGs policy-oriented project.

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