20 MAR 2017 | BASD: Business Opportunities Seminar

Lisbon, 20th March 2017


AICEP, the GPEARI of the Ministry of Finance and the Asian Development Bank (BASD) organize the seminar “Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Business Opportunities Seminar” on March 20 in Lisbon.

The event, which is dedicated to business and financing opportunities in Asian markets, has a panel of BAsD experts and heads of relevance, namely Maurizio Ghirga, Administrator for Portugal at BAsD, Michael Barrow, Director General for the Private Sector, Sean O’Sullivan, Director General for Central and Western Asia, Hun Kim, Director General for South Asia and Debra Kertzman, BAsD Representative for Europe.

A general framework will be developed for the BASD, its procurement and its financial instruments to the private sector/companies, as well as an approach to business opportunities focusing on Central and West Asia and South Asia. At the seminar there is room for general issues.

For companies with presence, projects and relevant plans in the Asian markets, there is also the possibility of an individual meeting with BAsD – Bilateral Meetings, by prior appointment (registrations open until March 13) and subject to confirmation. To do this, you must indicate in the registration form that you want Bilateral Meetings, identify the representative with whom you wish to meet and fill in English the Company Profile Form that follows.

Take this unique opportunity to understand how BAsD can be a privileged partner in Asian and Pacific markets (see in adb.org  the bank’s operating markets).

For further clarification, please contact the AICEP Multilateral Area, by email gt.multilaterais@portugalglobal.pt  or over the phone 217 909 755 / 217 909 549.



– The seminar will be conducted in English.

– You must register HERE.

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