19 APR 2018 | Cycle of Books of Our Time | Platform Revolution, by Geoffrey Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne & Sangeet P. Choudary



The next session of the Cycle of Books of Our Time takes place on the 19th of April of 2018, with the presentation of the title Platform Revolution, from Geoffrey Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne & Sangeet P. Choudary, by Victor Corado Simões, professor of ISEG.

Geoffrey Parker is professor of engineering of the Dartmouth College and visiting scholar of MIT – Initiative for the Digital Economy, Marshall W. Van Alstyne is professor of information economy at the University of Boston and Sangeet P. Choudary is founder and CEO of the Platform Thinking Labs.

Platform Revolution delivers the first comprehensive analysis of how platforms use technology to match producers and consumers in a multisided marketplace, unlocking hidden resources and creating new forms of value. When a company like Uber connects drivers with passengers, everybody wins― except traditional cab companies, which are scrambling to survive. Assumptions about operations, finance, strategy, and innovation all change. Platform Revolution explores the what, how, and why of this revolution and provides the first “owner’s manual” for creating a platform marketplace. Revealing the strategies behind some of today’s rising platforms, the authors explain how entrepreneurs―and traditional companies― can thrive in this new world.

Local: ISEG (Auditorium 2, Building Quelhas)
Time: 15h00 – 16h00

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