17-18 MAY 2017 | 3rd Edition Arab Days ” Arab-Islamic Memories, Dialogue among Civilizations”

17-18th May 2017


The Arab-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAP) will organize the 3rd edition of the Arab Days: “Arab-Islamic Memories, Dialogue among Civilizations” on 17 and 18 May.

Under the High Patronage and Presence of His Excellency The President of the Portuguese Republic, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, in close collaboration with the Union of Arab Chambers, the League of Arab States and the Arab Embassies accredited in Portugal and, like the Conferences Organized in 1997 and 2002, is intended to give continuity and emphasis to the Arab-Islamic Heritage in the Iberian Peninsula, fostering a greater interchange between Civilizations.

The first day of these Days, 17 May, will be reserved for the holding of a Colloquium in the Auditorium of the National Archive of Torre do Tombo, in Lisbon, with the illustrious presence and participation of his excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and of high individualities of the political, academic and cultural life of Portugal, the Arab Countries and Spain.
On the second day, May 18, guided tours are planned for Lisbon and Sintra, in which one wishes to highlight some of the legacies and urban vestiges and other testimonies of the Arab presence in Portugal.



The increase and consolidation of relations of cooperation and friendship between Portugal and the 22 Countries of the League of Arab States;
Reinforcement of cultural exchange;
Promoting relations between Portugal and the Arab countries;
Make the Arab-Islamic cultural and social realities better known;
To make known the Arab-Islamic influences in the Iberian culture, emphasizing the multisecular coexistence between Portuguese and Arabs;
To make known the legacy resulting from this contact, whose vestiges are reflected in areas as diverse as language, literature, music, architecture, gastronomy, customs and technical-scientific contributions.



The first day will be dedicated to the Colloquium, with the illustrious participation of high individuals, institutions, entities and personalities of the political, academic and cultural life of Portugal, the Arab Countries and Spain, where topics will be Arab-Islamic Historical, Cultural and Civilizational Legacy, the Heritage of the Arab People in the Iberian Peninsula, the contributions to the current Society, among others of high relevance for the understanding of the objectives sought.


This important event is open to all those who wish to broaden their knowledge on the topics to be addressed, aiming at dialogue and debate between the various Stakeholders, as well as the demonstration of the Arab-Islamic legacy in the Iberian Peninsula, addressed to the Society Civil in general, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish, highlighting:

Public and Private Institutions for Knowledge and Culture;
Universities, Colleges, Institutes;
Teaching Institutions;
Academic and Scientific Communities;
Federations and Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Services of the Arab Countries;
Portuguese and Arab Business and Sectoral Organizations and Associations;
Development and Investment Authorities, Arab and Portuguese;
Students and the public in general;
Entities and Companies that wish to promote and expand knowledge.

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