10-12 MAY 2017 | ENEPI: II Meeting of International Political Economy – Call for papers

Rio de Janeiro, May 2017


The International Political Economy Program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ (PEPI-UFRJ) announces the  II International Political Economy Meeting, to be held on May 10, 11 and 12, 2017, at UFRJ offices in South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

In view of the success of the first meeting, held in May 2016, of the constant growth and consolidation of EPI studies, and converging with the recent manifestations and initiatives of EPI researchers in Brazil, such as the EPI area at ABRI Of International Relations), the event aims to strengthen the institutionalization efforts of the area, offering a fertile and stimulating environment for the exhibition and debate of ongoing or completed research and allow the rapprochement between intellectuals (undergraduates, post-graduates and teachers/researchers) from different universities, research centers, and regions of Brazil and Latin America. It is hoped to foster the creation of networks between these points by facilitating the discussion of topics relevant to the area such as the situation of PPE in Brazil; The traditions of original thinking in Brazil and in Latin America; The research agendas whose theme is Development; And the scientific and political influence of the knowledge produced in the area.

Participants interested in submitting papers must submit a summary of their work proposal by February 3, 2017 to enepi2017@gmail.com. The abstract should fit into one of the five thematic areas covered by the Working Groups:

GT 1. International System, Currency and Finance.
WG 2. Security, Defense and Geopolitics.
WG 3. Development.
WG 4. External Policy, International Insertion and Regional Integration.
GT 5. Theory and History in International Political Economy

For the presentation of works, it is necessary to be linked to some research center or post-graduation program strictu sensu, or to have specialist degree, master or doctor in the area of International Relations, EPI or related, except for the articles sent to the Forum of Graduation.

More information on the event website here.

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