SustInAfrica (H2020) – Research postdoc position (at ISEG)

The SustInAfricaproject – the sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West & North Africa, which is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Funding Agreement 861924,, will soon be awarding one research contract/postdoc position (at ISEG), for those who have carried out at least 3 years’ work since completing a PhD in Environmental Sciences/Social Sciences (ecological economics; development economics)/Sustainability Sciences.

This research position will be centred on sustainable intensification agriculture, particularly with regards data collection, the assessment and monitoring of socio-economic and governance of agri-food systems in Africa, and the analysis of agri-food products value chains.

A significant part of the work will consist of:
I. Planning fieldwork and data collection in Africa (5 countries) and carrying out/monitoring of the field work;
II. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research based on the data collected, which will be mostly related with socio-economic analysis and governance and socio-ecologic interactions;
III. Supporting the team with regards database structure and content; and
IV. Supporting all those project tasks related with project management and communication.
With respect to other requirements, previous experience in multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary projects is preferable, as the methodological framework is clearly multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary, comprising different tasks which are rooted in the areas of environmental and social sciences. In addition, candidates should be familiar with the existing concepts regarding agri-food systems and must be capable of demonstrating past research in the African context, preferably with field experience. Experience in designing and applying social methods (e.g., surveys, focus groups) will also be valued.

Team spirit, autonomous workskills,and availability to travel abroad during different periods of time are the other requirements. The working language is English, and candidates must be able to prove their ability to write and express ideas that are consistent with the scientific literature in this language. Appropriate skills in Portuguese and French would be a further advantage.

Expressions of interest should provide examples of current or past work experience where the skills referred to above have been applied. Applications for this research position should be submitted to Professor Idalina Dias Sardinha (the SustInAfrica PT Coordinator), by email, by 02/07/2021, and should include the candidate’s updated CV. 

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