Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are recognized as a precondition to solve the problems and Grand Societal Challenges confronting societies and the planet today. However, although interdisciplinarity is increasingly central to science and research agendas, and is recognised as a precondition for sustainability, its effective implementation in research projects remains an exception to the rule.

INTREPID is a 27 country network with the overall aim to better understand how to achieve more efficient and effective interdisciplinary research in Europe, in order to enhance our capacity to meet contemporary global (urban) challenges characterised by increasing complexity and uncertainty.

INTREPID’s overall aim

Is to create a space for reflection on the role and opportunities of interdisciplinarity in research programming and funding cycles, addressing the following stages and dimensions:

  • definition of political agendas;
  • policy statements/priorities;
  • research programmes;
  • funding calls for projects;
  • ex ante evaluation;
  • selection and excellence criteria;
  • and ex post assessment of output, outcomes and impact.

In order to better understand how to achieve more efficient and effective interdisciplinary research in Europe, three challenges and objectives are identified, combining theoretical and practical dimensions:

  • Challenge 1 – UNDERSTAND CHANGE:
    To reflect and learn about what needs changing in the programming and funding cycle.
  • Challenge 2 – CRITICAL MASS:
    To build networks and cooperation – bringing together research communities, policy makers and the funding community, to strengthen ERA’s capacity for ID.
  • Challenge 3 – ENABLE CHANGE:
    To develop solutions that enable interdisciplinarity: beyond structural, institutional and cultural barriers with a particular focus on urban-related practice.

Network Portugal

Marta Varanda

Olívia Bina

Maria Helena Guimarães

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