Research Webinars on Artificial Intelligence & Human Behaviour: How should artificial intelligence help operations management in the near future?

How can the algorithm help in operations management in the near future, in areas such as healthcare, online retail or the energy sector? is the question that guides the next webinar within the scope of the Cycle Research Webinars on Artificial Intelligence & Human Behavior, with the speaker Fábio Neves-Moreira, researcher at INESC TEC and guest assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto.

For many years, operations research practitioners have been discussing about typical complaints heard when a solution of their algorithm is first shown to the planners – “The solution is not feasible!”, “I do not believe that this solution is better than mine!”, “What is your algorithm doing inside?” – they say. The truth is that it is very difficult to convince them about the quality and feasibility of the solutions, without actually going through the whole methodology. However, explaining very complex optimization processes may not be possible in every case. Therefore, we need to find better ways to quickly provide convincing explanations, so that humans can trust and understand every method, even if it is a black-box one. TRUST-AI aims at developing Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) algorithms to tackle a variety of complex management challenges. The use of symbolic learning methods is to be particularly explored, as we envision the discovery of powerful and self-explainable predictive and prescriptive policies. To validate the proposed XAI approaches in a broad range of problems, three use cases will be addressed in healthcare, online retail, and energy-related fields.

Fábio Neves-Moreira

The session is open, with transmission via zoom, upon prior registration.

This cycle of webinars is organized by CSG – Research in Social Sciences and Management and REM – Research in Economics and Mathematics, the two research consortia of ISEG.

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