Call for Abstracts

Following the work initiated last year, the 2nd CSG Research Forum aims to foster scientific development and interdisciplinarity among the scientific areas covered by the CSG – with emphasis on economics, development studies, finance, management, economic and social history and Economic and organizational sociology.

The Forum addresses to all members of the CSG (researchers, doctoral students, collaborators), with the aim of contributing to the sharing and reflection on the strategic guidelines of its research within the consortium.

What to submit:
At a time when everyone can share their work and intentions for future research or projects, and in order to minimize the number of simultaneous sessions, very short interventions [5-10min] are expected and focused on the following aspects:

Presentation of proposals for research projects (the FCT 2017 Projects Competition is open and ends on May 17th, and the Forum will be a great opportunity to discuss collaborations and to test ideas);
Presentation of results or future lines of research by researchers, with the aim of strengthening internal cooperation links;
Presentation of research papers by the doctoral students, providing the discussion of their projects or the preliminary results of the theses;
Presentation of research networks to which researchers / centers belong, to disseminate more resources for future projects;
Discussion about opportunities and contexts of dissemination of scientific activity, in companies, civil society and public policies.

Instructions for authors (only one submission by main author):
Proposals must be submitted using the following form:

Important dates:
Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 17th, 2017
Event day: April 27th, 2017

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