Chamada de trabalhos prolongada para o painel “Heritage Hybridity in Postcolonial Asian Cities: Global Crossroads of Culture and Tourism” – Congresso do IUAES

Encontra-se a decorrer a chamada de trabalhos para o Congresso IUAES, da International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, com o tema “Los patrimonios, interconexiones globales en un mundo posible/Heritage, global interconnections in a possible world“, que decorrerá nos dias 9 e 13 de novembro de 2021 na modalidade online.

A nossa investigadora Marisa Gaspar convida à submissão de resumos no âmbito do painel “Heritage Hybridity in Postcolonial Asian Cities: Global Crossroads of Culture and Tourism”, com prazo prolongado até 10 de julho de 2021.


Asian cities situated in the crossroad of global maritime routes have a long history of cultural hybridity and cosmopolitanism. Even though colonial port cities like Macao, Melaka, Batavia, Rangoon, Ayutthaya were profoundly heterogeneous societies, in the postcolonial era, Asian rulers had the idea that homogeneity was critical to national stability, and thus, in certain countries, assimilation policies were implemented, and ethnic nationalism was promoted by their governments. Despite that, these cities have been characterized by their openness to global interconnections, diversity and cross-cultural exchange, and continue to question such homogenizing tendencies of today’s nation-states. In contemporary Asia, cultural heritage, be it tangible or intangible, has become an important area of tourism, culture commoditization and economic development. With this in mind, stakeholders have been developing initiatives to revive or celebrate the cosmopolitan past of their regions; however, in each postcolonial city, the complexities at work to shaping collective memory, identity and heritage are complex. The complexity of cultural policy and identity issues that can surround heritage, and the way heritage turns out to be the product of wider economic and ideological dynamics, is of greater importance in the understanding of communities social organization, cultural hybridization, creole legacies endurance, cultural survival and identity resilience. In this panel, we are interested in reflecting upon processes of tangible and intangible heritage construction and production, and its interpretation and representation in postcolonial Asian urban contexts. We seek to discuss on how hybrid heritage is contested by different groups in society and their ability to use their position to promote a particular aspect of their culture for their own advantage or for the purpose of tourism. In this regard, we propose a rethinking of tourism and its intricate connection with different types of power, by focusing on the ways cultural heritage is used in the creation of ties that bind, boundaries that exclude and in its role in processes of empowerment, transgression, resistance and reproduction strategies of communities. This panel seeks paper proposals based on interdisciplinary ethnographic research on cultural heritage in postcolonial Asian cities mainly in relation to (but not excluded): (a) processes of cultural hybridity, miscegenation, creolization, etc.; (b) control over heritage production by nation-states and local government agencies, elites, businesses, the media, international agencies, etc.; (c) transnational development of heritage policies; – empowerment, transgression and resistance practices; (d) attachment to heritage values, meanings and social uses; (e) cultural tourism promotion and heritage consumption; – objectification of national or ethnic identities; (f) official discourses and the trajectories of history and the colonial past; (g) ethnic, cultural and spatial cleansing.

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A proposta deve incluir:
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c) Resumo da apresentação (máximo 400 palavras);
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