ADVANCE recruits PhD for research activities in the scope of the project INOVET Portugal

The ADVANCE – Advanced Research Center in Management opens an international selection competition for a doctoral post for the exercise of scientific research activities in the area of Management under an uncertain term contract under the Labor Code, with a maximum duration of six years, based on the execution of a determined, precisely defined and non-durable service, under the provisions of article 6, paragraphs 1 to 1. a) and 3 of Decree-Law no. 57/2016 of 29 August, revised by Law no. 57/2017 of 19 July, and the provisions of the Labor Code. The activities to be carried out will be integrated in the work plan of the project “INOVNET PORTUGAL – Beyond innovation networks: Portugal”, with reference 02/SAICT/2017 – Project nº 31336, financed by national funds (FCT/OE).

The application deadline runs until October 30, 2018.

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