How to prepare a doctoral thesis?

How to prepare a doctoral thesis?

Applicants should present a research proposal, outlining their chosen theme, which will be evaluated by the coordinating scientific committee. Upon acceptance into the programme, the student will be assigned a tutor, under whose supervision the student will design a detailed research project towards the thesis during the first year. The research proposals will form the basis for discussion in the Research Seminar classes.

At the end of the first year of the Program, a specially appointed committee nominated by the Program Coordination team will assess the students’ research projects, who may approve the project, to suggest changes or to recommend that the student discontinue the programme.

Upon approval of the research project and confirmed who will be the supervising professor, the thesis proposal will be registered at the appointed supervisor’s School. The student then has two academic years in which to research and write the thesis.


Where to prepare the PhD thesis?

There are Research Centres at all Schools where the students are expected to initiate their research activities. After the research proposal having been approved, the students will be registered as PhD students at the supervisor’s Research Centre.

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