Exploratory Project “Portugal: Environment in Motion” (PaeM)


April 1, 2015



in progress



The project objective is the inventory of the struggles caused by the contamination of groups and territories by different economic activities and by the sacrifice of populations and the environment in the name of economic growth in Portugal. The production of knowledge is developed in a shared way with the different actors in the field, who are developing protest actions, proposing alternatives and solutions (both at the community, academic, institutional and legislative levels, among others), in order to give visibility to the different conflicts, and enhance their understanding. The site “Ambiente em Movimento” brings together information on a wide range of environmental conflicts through the development of partnerships and working together with other groups in the academy, associations, institutions, social movements, platforms, citizens and citizens.



SOCIUS international cooperation, Ecology and Society Workshop (Ecosoc), Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (CES / UC) and the Mineral Technology Center (CETEM), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Brazil (MCTI).



Lúcia Fernandes and Sofia Bento (coordinators), Oriana Brás.

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