3rd Edition PORDATA Innovation Award – Call for participation


Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS) presents the third edition of the PORDATA Innovation Award. This is an initiative that, once again, within the FFMS mission, seeks to promote and deepen the knowledge of Portuguese society and to strengthen the articulation between PORDATA and the agents of knowledge production, encouraging the development of innovative indicators that represent an extra for understanding the dynamics of society. The participation of the national scientific community is therefore encouraged.

Proposals can be submitted for 3 types of indicators, according to their originality:
A) Existing indicators, developed by national or international bodies, but which PORDATA does not include in its database.
B) Indicators developed by the proposer or group of proposers, proposed in scientific papers already published or in press.
C) Unpublished indicators developed specifically to compete for the PORDATA Innovation Award.

The selected proposals will be awarded as follows:
– In the case of proposals submitted under a): Collection of essays of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation for each winning indicator.
– In the case of proposals submitted under b): € 1,500 for each winning indicator.
– In the case of proposals presented under c): € 2,500 for each winning indicator.

The awarded indicators will be published in the PORDATA portal. In the case of proposals under b) and c) the authorship of the indicator will be presented in the metadata of the respective table.

Any citizen or group of citizens may submit proposals.

Proposals are evaluated according to innovation and relevance criteria, and ensure that the FFMS can update the indicator data without using statistical programming.

The Regulation is available, during the period for the submission of proposals, in the available Form here: www.ffms.pt and www.pordata.pt, and then sent to the e-mail: premiopordata@ffms.pt.

Deadline to proposals presentation
Since 23rd February up until 23rd May 2017.

To get further information, please contact: premiopordata@ffms.pt

To date, three unpublished indicators published on the Pordata have been awarded: Índice de Gini na Saúde, Equilíbrio Orçamental and Índice de Hierarquia de Gestão dos Resíduos Urbanos.




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